AMCN Fly You Home
AMCN Fly You Home

Take control of your care

A Fly-U-Home membership means you can recover closer to home.

If you or a member of your family are ever admitted to a hospital more than 150 nautical miles from home, you’ll have the option to be transported by a medically equipped aircraft to your local hospital of choice. You can travel without worry, knowing you have access to a fleet of medically equipped, private aircraft—flying ICUs.

AMCN Fly-U-Home handles everything, so all you need to do is focus on getting better.

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Call AMCN 24/7/365

A simple call will begin the process of getting you to the hospital of your choice. All you need is confirmation that the trip requires medical escort and that you will remain a hospitalized inpatient upon landing.


AMCN handles everything

We’re there every step of the way. We’ll get you from hospital A to hospital B, confirm bed availability, coordinate with your admitting physician, and arrange for the proper aircraft and crew for your treatment and transport.


Recover with peace of mind

As a member, you will never see a bill for your flight. These flights typically cost tens of thousands of dollars, and are rarely covered by insurance carriers. With membership, you can focus on recovery, not finances.

More experience than anyone in the business

We have completed more than 18,000 missions since being founded more than 30 years ago. Our skill and know-how are unparalleled.

over 35 aircraft positioned around the United States

We own our aircraft and we’re responsible for your care every step of the way. We don’t rely on outside broker services.

Top-flight crews and caregivers

We have specially trained nurses and paramedics on call to meet your needs—we can even fly with MDs.

Peace of mind is affordable.


AMCN members



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How does AMCN Fly-U-Home compliment your current AirMedCare Network Membership?

Your family is best protected when you have both!

Used When

Hospitalized more than 150 nautical miles from home and would like to be transported to a hospital closer to where you live.

Service provided

By expertly crewed, private aircraft to your hospital of choice.

Activated by

You! You call AMCN Fly-U-Home directly when you or a family member opts to recover closer to home.


Your entire household is covered with membership*

Out-of-pocket cost

NO out-of-pocket expenses for eligible medical flights.

Terms and Conditions

Coverage of 48 Contiguous United States

Membership is Less than 42 cents per day

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