Why do so many people in Oregon have a ground membership?

Even with good medical insurance, a bill will usually follow an emergency ambulance transport. Non-members pay it themselves. With an Oregon ground membership, members do not receive a bill for emergency ground medical transports. It’s that simple.

How Emergency Ground Ambulance Service works:


When a medical professional determines emergency transport is necessary, they may decide that ground transport is the fastest and safest way to get you the care you need.


We’ve got you covered. When we’re called, a ground ambulance provider will respond with caring, experienced, highly-trained crews and an ambulance equipped with the latest life-saving and life-support equipment.


Non-members are financially responsible for the transport and care not covered by their insurance. These charges can be significant.


As a member, you can recover without financial worry, knowing all out-of-pocket expenses associated with your transport are completely covered!

Find coverage in your area.

Click here for a list of the ground ambulance agencies we manage.


Ground coverage is available via FireMed in the Oregon counties shown in dark blue.

Learn more about Ground Ambulance Service and the benefits of AMCN membership.