One Mention of Fly-U-Home Is All They Needed

AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home teams have completed more than 18,000 missions in over 30 years, and one recent mission was for Susan Samuelson and her family. Susan, like many members, hoped she’d never actually have to use Fly-U-Home. “When we bought the Fly-U-Home membership, I really didn’t think about it...

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A Life-Saving Flight to Level One Care

Jason Swihart’s family was among the first to sign up for the AirMed Care Network (AMCN), with Air Evac Lifeteam as the air ambulance provider, when the membership initially was offered in Weatherford, OK. To him, it wasn’t a hard decision. As a first responder himself—once a firefighter, now...

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GMR Deploys Medical Personnel and Ambulances to Support FEMA’s COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Texas

(DALLAS) – Global Medical Response (GMR) is sending 50 ambulances and 116 personnel from three of its own companies – American Medical Response (AMR), Rural Metro Fire and Air Evac Lifeteam – and other EMS providers to southern Texas in response to a FEMA request to help the federal...

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Bringing a Child’s Recovery Home

Becoming ill while away from home is something many travelers never expect will happen, leaving them feeling blindsided if and when it actually does. Chelsea Somero Haddock, however, was fortunately prepared with her Fly-U-Home membership. Chelsea and her family were out of town when her child, Oakley, became sick...

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A Morning Drive Turns into an Emergency Flight

When Jacob headed out in the morning, he didn’t see it coming, and his mother Christine certainly didn’t expect to receive the dreadful call. Jacob had been in a devastating car wreck and needed to be transported to the hospital by helicopter. It was a mother’s nightmare. On December...

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A Day at the Office Begins with an Urgent Call

On April 19, 2018, Myra and her husband Steve prepared for work like any other day. They both arrived to work at their usual times, Steve at 6:30 a.m. and Myra at 9 a.m., but on this morning Myra alarmingly found Steve lying on the floor, aspirating and non-responsive....

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Student Athletes Receive AirMedCare Network Protection

Some Carter County schools are taking part in an air ambulance program thanks to a local insurance agent. The program covers emergency helicopter rides for students and coaches of sports teams and guarantees no out-of-pocket costs for participating schools. The athletic site plan offered by AirMedCare Network will cover...

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California REACH Team Recognized at Cardiac Arrest Survivor Summit

Jennifer Hayes was 32 years old and pregnant with her second child (to be named Micah) when she collapsed into cardiac arrest in her home. Her husband Kyle heard her fall and attempted to arouse her to no avail. He called 911 and units from Riverside Fire Department were dispatched…...

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Advocating for the Patient

Anyone who has ever been flown for a life- or limb-threatening medical emergency can testify that the medical trauma is just the beginning. Those who survive the medical emergency are often caught off guard when their insurance companies start asking for more information or deny the medical claims all...

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An SOS from an EMS, answered by AMCN

While at work, I had a terrible headache and was unable to see. A co-worker noticed that I was in distress.  She immediately reached out to one of the EMS crews on duty and they transported me to the local hospital within minutes… Fairview Park Hospital did a CT...

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