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Why you should get on board

With AMCN membership, the cost of emergency air medical transport is 100% covered when flown by one of our providers.

If you’re hospitalized far away, Fly-U-Home gives you the option to be transported to a hospital closer to home with no out-of-pocket cost.

How much is membership?

Less expensive than you think!

3,5 and 10 year discounted membership is available.

Find AirMedCare Network coverage in your area.

See if is available in your area.

Dispatch decisions are controlled by emergency medical personnel, and membership does not guarantee that you will be transported by an AMCN provider.


"AirMedCare Network is great! Their providers are all about helping people every single day and I knew I wanted to be a part of that. I’m proud that we've teamed up and I can't wait to do my part and make a difference."
- NASCAR #7 driver Corey “Super Shoe” Lajoie

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AMCN and Fly-U-Home multi-year memberships.*

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