You might be thinking: “I’ll never need this.”

The fact is, we were called upon by medical professionals to transport over 100,000 patients last year. That’s why planning ahead is essential for everyone. It’s the best way to secure protection and avoid financial exposure. Even though most of our members carry traditional health insurance, providers offer many different types of plans and coverages. And, after co-insurance and deductibles, not every insurance company will cover the total cost of emergency medical transport. AMCN membership shields you and your entire household from all out-of-pocket expenses when transported by one of our providers. Take a minute to read some of our members’ stories below to see just how valuable AMCN membership can be.

I truly believe the ability to quickly get Steve to a higher level of care made all the difference in his recovery.
Let me tell you, what a blessing that membership is… It was such a relief to know that at least I didn’t have to worry about paying for the flight.
It cost me $185 for 3 years of AirMed coverage for my family. Something I thought I would NEVER need. And here we are.
Those who survive the medical emergency are often caught off guard when their insurance companies start asking… or deny the medical claims all together.
Thanks to Reach’s quick response and transport my wife does not have any lingering effects… membership is truly priceless!

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