An SOS from an EMS, answered by AMCN

While at work, I had a terrible headache and was unable to see. A co-worker noticed that I was in distress.  She immediately reached out to one of the EMS crews on duty and they transported me to the local hospital within minutes…

Fairview Park Hospital did a CT scan and confirmed I was having a stroke.  They started TPA. Very shortly after diagnosing, AirEvac 102 was notified that a patient transfer was needed.  They arrived and promptly airlifted me.  While in route to University Health in Augusta, GA the transporting crew recognized that the paralysis I was experiencing had to be relieved. Upon arrival at UH I underwent a thrombectomy. Three days later, I was discharged and returned home to heal.

Thinking my membership had lapsed, I was concerned about the financial responsibilities that were headed my way.  Upon returning to work, I received a phone call from, Mageon, an AMCN customer service call center representative.  Thinking this call was going to be someone asking for payment of services rendered, I was taken by surprise when I found out that my membership was in fact still active. I promptly renewed my membership for another three years as it was my last day to re-new before losing coverage. “The employee went above and beyond helping me ensure everything was correct on my membership.  She made her money that day!”  I am very thankful and appreciative of the efforts that the crew members and AMCN employees put forth to assist me during recovery.


Dwayne Ussery

Deputy Director at Laurens County EMS

Frequently Asked Questions:

If an AirMedCare Network Provider does not transport you, you will be responsible for payment. Our membership program only covers transports provided by our affiliates.

There is no limit to the number of transports a member may take in a year. Each transport is handled the same way and must be an emergent or time-sensitive transport as determined by a physician (or other appropriate provider) or first responder unaffiliated with AMCN.

With an AirMedCare Network membership, any person or persons who reside under one (residential) roof are covered. In the event we have a member who lives in a duplex or apartment complex, we designate the primary member’s residence/address— that is considered the “one roof”. Undergraduate college students can be covered under their parent’s membership as well as anyone previously residing in the household who is then moved to a permanent care facility.

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