Aerocare Medical Director Dr Ryne

AeroCare Medical Director Celebrates 30-Year Work Anniversary

AeroCare, a leading provider of air medical services in West Texas and East New Mexico, is honoring one of its longest-serving employees, Dr. Craig Rhyne, for 30 years of dedicated service. Dr. Rhyne serves as the medical director for the air medical provider’s 11-base locations. “Dr. Rhyne has been instrumental

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when you need an air ambulance

When do you need an Air Ambulance?

Serious illness and injuries are a part of life. If you live in a remote area or in an area where specialty hospitals are not available, helicopter or fixed -wing emergency medical transportation can be the critical link to lifesaving care for many people during a medical emergency. So, if

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what is an air ambulance

What is an Air Ambulance?

Most people are familiar with a variety of aircraft, and many have even taken trips on airplanes or helicopters. If you have never been transported by air ambulance, you may not be as familiar with the important, life-saving differences in the aircraft our AirMedCare Network providers utilize in their mission

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