REACH Air Medical Services & American MedFlight Clinicians Awarded Nevada Star of Life

Star of Life Award recognizes EMS Professionals’ Positive Impact on Community.

Sacramento, California – April 18, 2019 – Four associates from REACH Air Medical Services and American Medflight were awarded the Nevada Star of Life at the state Capitol in Carson City, Nevada today.

Among the 19 recipients to receive the award were:

  • Sarah Pehrson, Flight Nurse – REACH Air Medical Services – Elko, Nevada
  • Warren Archer, Flight Nurse – REACH Air Medical Services – Elko, Nevada
  • Ty LaRiviere, Flight Nurse – American MedFlight – Ely, Nevada
  • Dillon Decker, Flight Paramedic – American MedFlight – Ely, Nevada.

The Nevada Star of Life is given by the Nevada Ambulance Association and is one of the highest honors an EMS worker can receive in the state. The award recognizes the dedication and service of EMS professionals who, through their actions, help improve public health and create a positive impact in their communities and industry.

“I have the deepest admiration and respect for all of today’s honorees,” said Sean Russell, President of REACH Air Medical Services. “I am especially humbled to know that four of these recipients are my colleagues. Ty, Warren, Sarah, and Dillon each go above and beyond in their service to our communities, and I am incredibly proud of them for their outstanding achievements.”

The honorees from REACH and American MedFlight along with other award recipients from across the state were celebrated during a special awards banquet this morning. In addition, they were treated to a tour of the Capitol building. There, they had the opportunity to meet with state legislators from their regions who expressed their gratitude for their service to the residents of the state.

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