One Mention of Fly-U-Home Is All They Needed

AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home teams have completed more than 18,000 missions in over 30 years, and one recent mission was for Susan Samuelson and her family.

Susan, like many members, hoped she’d never actually have to use Fly-U-Home. “When we bought the Fly-U-Home membership, I really didn’t think about it being anything but a just-in-case kind of thing, and I certainly didn’t expect to need it within the first two weeks,” said Susan.

Being in the hospital while traveling can be a scary and stressful experience, but Fly-U-Home gives members the option to be transported to a local hospital of their choice, so they can recover in comfort, closer to friends and family.

“We are beyond pleased with our experience with the situation we were in and being so far from home,“ said Susan. “All I did was mention Fly-U-Home to the trauma surgeon at 8 am one morning and at 11 am, we were on a private medical jet, heading home.”

AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home provides members access to medically equipped, private aircrafts—flying ICUs—with a specially trained medical crew for superior care.

“On board with us was a flight RN and a respiratory therapist,” explained Susan. “The care was amazing and by 1:30, we were getting settled into the trauma ICU only 30 miles from home.”

An AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home membership covers an entire household and handles everything, with no out-of-pocket costs related to the flight! It is the best way to stay prepared, just in case the unexpected happens.

“We’ve never received any bill for the service,” said Susan. “We will never be without Fly-U-Home!”

You never know when a medical emergency will arise

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