Mothers Know Best – Emergency Preparation at Every Stage

Being a mother means a lot of things, but caring for her family is probably the most meaningful of them all. Nothing is more soothing to a sick child than the presence of their mother. From a bowl of chicken soup to treat a cold, a bandage on a scrape followed by a reassuring hug, or a cool rag to sooth a fevered forehead – moms are the experts in childhood caretaking.

Sometimes, however, the accident or illness is more serious, and moms also know when it’s time to call in specialists. As children age, the injuries and illness can become more serious, and help needs to arrive at a moment’s notice. Needs change as quickly as the child grows; moms always want to be prepared for that. If you are a newer mother, mother of a tween or teen, or mother of an adult – the ways to protect and care for your children are going to be different.

In the most serious cases, if the care involves an air ambulance, there are ways moms can ensure their children get access to emergency help fast and protect their family from those financial obligations after the emergency. An air ambulance membership and non-emergent medical transportation membership can be key.

Air ambulances are used when treatment needs are great and definitive care is too far away for a regular ambulance. From traumatic injuries at home, to interfacility transportation between one hospital to a specialized one, air ambulances are a crucial part of care for hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Non-emergency medical transportation may also be needed when the accident or injury leaves a loved one hospitalized far from home. It allows hospital care to continue at a facility closer to home, their own doctor and community support that makes recovery easier.

Both types of transportation can be expensive. Fortunately, there are membership programs, for both emergency air ambulances and non-emergency medical transport, that can completely eliminate the costs only when transported by that membership provider,  so they are never a worry for families.

When You Need Air Ambulances and Medical Transport

Air ambulance membership is appropriate for people in any stage of motherhood, especially if your household is rural or not close to a pediatric specialty hospital or trauma center. When an air ambulance is needed, Flight nurses and Flight paramedics bring the ER to wherever the patient is. Once on the scene, air ambulance crews work rapidly to provide critical supportive care while quickly bringing the patient to the right hospital for their needs.  Families who take a lot of road trips, camping excursions, or enjoy adventure sports can use their membership with AirMedCare Network (AMCN) in 38 states – this helps to ensure financial peace of mind travels with you!

For those moms that travel domestically across the United States, or across the globe on international adventures, Fly-U-Home is an add-on membership that covers the costs of bringing a hospitalized patient home to continue their recovery at a local hospital. For working people, this can be financially important if the family member will be hospitalized for an extended period of time. Moms will also appreciate that, in most circumstances, a family member can travel onboard the private medical aircraft with their child, spouse or other loved one. For those moms of college students or students staying abroad, having this membership adds an extra layer of financial peace of mind every parent appreciates.

No one wants to think about needing air ambulance care, but everyone can be better prepared if the need ever arises. Membership with AirMedCare Network ensures that, only when treated and transported by our air ambulance providers or air medical transportation providers, there will not be a financial obligation, insurance concerns about coverage, or age restrictions to worry about on top of the emergency itself. Mothers at every stage can benefit from this membership and provide the entire household, or the household of their loved ones, with this membership starting at $99 a year. Learn more about this mom-approved emergency preparation tool at

See how mom, Amber Sample, credits the care her son Kason received by AMCN provider, REACH Air Medical Services, for a wonderful outcome after a near-drowning emergency. At a Moment’s Notice – Kason’s Close Call.

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