Medical Air Transport for Travel Misadventures

Travel! When you live in a country that has glacial to tropical temperatures – and everything in between- a trip now and then is in the cards for most people, especially with summer just around the corner. Some prefer laidback beach vacations, museums and plays, others enjoy hikes through national forests, and some can’t resist a bit of travel that is on the adventurous side. Wherever you go on your next travel adventure, misadventure can go with you. From illness to accident, your risk of getting injured or falling ill is actually greater when you travel than when you stay at home*.

Most illnesses when traveling are mild and do not interrupt vacation plans significantly or cause hospitalizations. The vast majority of travel-related illnesses are tied to what people eat and drink on their trips. Gastroenteritis (an infection of the stomach or intestines) causes around 37 percent of these illnesses, especially if your travel takes you outside of the country or encourages you to try foods that you might otherwise avoid at home (like raw fish and shellfish or unpasteurized cheeses).

Another cause of injury while traveling is transportation to and from your destination. Flying, as we all know, is statistically safer than driving a vehicle. Road accidents account for a significant number of travel-related injuries and that number increases when traveling over the holidays*. It’s best to plan driving vacations when road traffic will not be at its peak, like the day before Thanksgiving. This helps lower your risk. Driving at night also accounts for more accidents than daylight driving as does drowsy driving – it is best to drive in daylight hours when you are more alert.

Medical Air Transport Options for Domestic and International Travel

Top the usual travel considerations with contagious illnesses, like Influenza or Covid-19, and you may consider avoiding travel altogether. If you get sick or injured while traveling, it’s made worse by being far from home and your support system. Not to mention your regular doctor, and if abroad, the American standard of healthcare. AirMedCare Network helps quiet some of those concerns through our Air Medical membership programs which assure you will be able to get the healthcare you need almost anywhere you go.

Our AirMedCare Network membership ensures you pay no out-of-pocket costs when you need emergency air medical care only when transported by a provider in the AirMedCare Network. We operate in 38 states from 320 bases, offering broad coverage within the United States. Learn More.

If you become mildly ill and would like to see a medical professional while you’re on vacation, there’s no need to leave your hotel, RV, or campsite. Teladoc is a membership add-on that allows you to see a bord-certified physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner from your phone or computer. They can even write prescriptions and send them to a nearby pharmacy for easy pickup. Learn More.

If you become seriously ill or injured and require extended hospitalization, the FLY-U-HOME add on membership allows a scheduled medical transport flight to return you, and sometimes a traveling companion or pet, closer to home to complete your treatment. Learn More.

If you like adventures abroad but have fallen ill, our sister company AirMed International can fly you home from places around the globe. AirMed International also offers air medical flight membership in Canada to repatriate Canadian citizens who become sick or injured outside the country. Learn More.

Unlike insurance, or travel insurance which has very strict limitations on coverage, our membership has no restrictions on your activities and the cost of your air medical care is covered completely- there are never any out-of-pocket costs only when flown by our providers. Adding an extra layer of financial security to your trip makes even big travel misadventures more manageable and helps secure your finances and your health. Learn more about our domestic and international air medical coverage and be prepared for travel across town or across the globe.

You never know when a medical emergency will arise.

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