International Air Medical Coverage with Fly-U-Home International

AirMedCare Network’s expansive list of providers can respond to your medical emergencies with our fleet of specialty aircraft. You may also be familiar with the Fly-U-Home membership that assists domestic travelers in the lower 48 states with hospital-to-hospital transportation when members are hospitalized more than 150 nautical miles from home. We are expanding our popular Fly-U-Home offering to those who may become ill or injured outside the United States with Fly-U-Home International memberships.

Fly-U-Home International will operate similarly to the Fly-U-Home program you have now, but with expanded geographic coverage. Whether you are hitting the slopes from Canada to Switzerland or soaking up sun on the beaches of Cabo or Bali – your Fly-U-Home International membership can seamlessly medivac you from a hospital abroad to a hospital near your home. For those adventure travelers who sustain injuries that travel insurance may not cover, Fly-U-Home International membership can be especially valuable.

International travel is exciting, but the prospect of being hospitalized where there are language barriers or lower standards of care than you are accustomed to can be daunting and even prohibitive for some. The costs of hospitalization, especially for an extended period, can be expensive. When you have access to medical repatriation, at no out-of-pocket cost, those concerns are alleviated. You’ll have access to specially outfitted flying ICUs and crews with experience in long-distance treatment and transport. If you need our services, you may be able to fly home with a travel companion. Our logistics experts begin handling the intricacies of international medivac from the first call. There will be no added stress of making any arrangements for your safe return home – our team manages it all.

If globe-hopping is in the cards for you, or even a trip to our neighbors to the north or south – Fly-U-Home International is a smart, stress-free membership for getting home if you or one of your family members becomes hospitalized. You might still have questions, like who is covered, how much does it cost, how does it differ from travel insurance or other important questions while making the decision to join. Please scroll through our frequently asked questions and call us if you still have questions or need help enrolling.

Medivac with Fly-U-Home International FAQs

Fly-U-Home membership covers you in the contiguous United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Fly-U-Home International covers Hawaii, Alaska and countries across the globe. Both the originating and receiving hospital must be reasonably accessible by ground ambulance to transport the member to and from an airfield capable of accommodating an AirMed or one of its authorized affiliates aircraft. The cost associated with transportation from ships, isolated areas or islands to an airport accessible to AirMed aircraft is not included in the membership benefits and will be the responsibility of the member. Membership benefits do not include helicopter transportation.

Due to the high risk of sending U.S. registered aircraft and personnel into countries or geographic regions where the U.S. State Department, Department of Transportation, or the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued travel restrictions, membership services are not available in these areas.

All members of your household are covered by this membership.

All Fly-U-Home Domestic and International memberships cover an entire household.

Service animals are transported alongside their owner and pets may be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

A patient may be transported if it is determined by the member’s physician and the Fly-U-Home/AirMed medical director that the member’s medical condition is stable enough to allow air transport but that medical escort is required, then, at the member’s request, AirMed will provide the member with private air medical transport or, if appropriate, commercial airline transport with medical escort. In either case, transport will be provided on a bedside-to-bedside basis to a hospital of member’s choice that has accepted the member as a patient, is in the United States or Canada and is more than 150 miles from the original hospital (or to member’s residence, as applicable), subject to the membership terms and conditions. 

Our membership services representatives would be happy to assist you with any questions and with enrollment in our Fly-U-Home membership program. Please contact us to speak with a representative. 

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