Dads Plan for Emergencies with AirMedCare Network

Dads are unique. Protective and adventurous in equal measure, they know it takes a lot of preparation to be ready for anything. While dad is making family memories in the backyard, national park, on the slopes or camping under the stars in the middle of nowhere – he is sure to pack everything he needs (or might need) to ensure the fun goes off without a hitch. From extra water to a first-aid kit, bug spray, or fresh batteries for the flashlight, whatever the trip requires, you can rest assured that dad’s got it covered. Whether you know a dad who prefers backyard fun, one that likes his family activities in more rural settings or a globe-trotting dad – he’ll be happy to add financial protection for medical emergencies to his preparations..

Air Ambulance and Medevac Membership

For dads that like to hit the road and get away from it all in the wilderness – from RV trips to off road vehicles—having access to an air ambulance, if there is an accident or illness far from a hospital, is a must have. Our air-ambulance providers, like REACH, respond to medical emergencies, like this heart attack victim in the California wilderness, every day around the country. AirMedCare Network’s partners provide immediate ICU level care right where the patients are, but members don’t pay anything out of pocket for this life and limb-saving care. With membership extending across 38 states, the AMCN coverage goes with dad on many of his adventures across the US.

For the backyard-get-together dad, having coverage that ensures the family can receive timely and appropriate care is a must have. Almost 40 million Americans live farther than one hour from a Level-1 trauma center and 80 million do not live within reach of an appropriate medical facility for their needs – like stroke centers, pediatric hospitals or burn centers. Since most accidents and injuries happen at home, like this example of a grandfather who accidently ran over his 1-year-old grandchild, AMCN membership and the work of network provider Air Evac Lifeteam’s crews ensured the expert care came quickly with no bill for their air ambulance treatment and transport.

For dads that like to adventure internationally, it’s good to know that if someone in your family needs to get home for medical care, AMCN’s Fly-U-Home International has your back. Hospital care internationally can be drastically different from what most Americans are used to and may not be appropriate for the needs of the patient. Paying up-front for medical care is also common abroad, even in neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico, and can be costly as it may not be reimbursed by insurance (even travel insurance). If you love taking the family abroad to see the world, be sure to add this bedside-to-bedside membership that ensures you can get home for ongoing hospital care with no worries about cost.

With AMCN memberships dad will always have the bases covered for unexpected emergencies, wherever he is. With no worries about copays, coinsurance or denials of coverage, dad can secure his family’s health care needs and not worry about his family’s budget. AirMedCare Network is the perfect partner for all dads and their families who will appreciate having the security of world-class air ambulance membership for those times things don’t go as planned.

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