Bringing a Child’s Recovery Home

Becoming ill while away from home is something many travelers never expect will happen, leaving them feeling blindsided if and when it actually does. Chelsea Somero Haddock, however, was fortunately prepared with her Fly-U-Home membership.

Chelsea and her family were out of town when her child, Oakley, became sick and needed to be hospitalized. They thought they would be able to go home after just a couple of days, but Oakley was distressingly sicker than they thought. Oakley’s health was their first concern, but additional stresses weighed on them. The hotel expenses were adding up, and Chelsea’s husband was missing work.

“Then we remembered that our Air Evac membership came with Fly-U-Home,” said Chelsea.

If hospitalized while traveling, AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home gives members the option to be flown in a medically equipped aircraft to a hospital of their choice, allowing them to recover closer to home. With one phone call, the team arranges everything—getting the patient from hospital A to hospital B, confirming bed availability, coordinating with the admitting physician, and arranging the proper transport. Best of all, members never see a bill when flown by the Fly-U-Home team.

An AirMedCare Network Fly-U-Home membership covers a member’s entire household, eliminating worry and increasing peace of mind.

“I cannot say enough how wonderful they were and how impressed we are by them,” Chelsea shared. “It’s definitely worth looking into for anyone who likes to travel.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

When a program provides bedside-to-bedside service, the transport medical team accepts the patient at the bedside in the originating facility and delivers the patient to the bed of the receiving facility.

Yes, although it’s not always possible. It will solely depend on available space on our aircraft. All aircraft have the ability to accommodate a passenger, however, this space could be lost due to additional medical staff or medical equipment.

Anyone that resides in the household.

You never know when a medical emergency will arise

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