Allen Swaney’s Close Call

“My husband Allen, 62, woke up non-verbal, slightly combative and drenched in sweat. I called 911 and our local ambulance transported him to the hospital 20 miles away, where the ER doctor advised us to go straight to Air Evac Lifeteam! Time was crucial as we all thought full blown stroke. The Air Evac team in Weatherford, OK, were amazing! They knew what hospital we should go to, and at the hospital in Oklahoma City, they were so caring to me! I got a hug from each!! A few days later they all called to check on the progress of my husband. He was diagnosed with viral encephalitis and was in a coma, on life support for 10 days. He woke up on the 11th day and my husband was back!!!! Truly a miracle with the help of Air Evac Lifeteam! I truly love that crew that helped save my husband! A few years before this, I was going to get an AirMedCare Network membership, but my neighbor talked me out of it because she said it was covered by our insurance. So, I didn’t! PLEASE become a member for when that day comes you need their services…insurance only pays a portion, and then you are responsible for the remaining costs. We will be members forever now!!!” – Bev Swaney, wife of survivor, Allen Swaney