Ground Ambulance Service

AirMedCare Network manages several Ground membership programs in the state of Oregon

Why have so many in Oregon joined Ground Membership?

Even with good medical insurance, a bill will usually follow an emergency ambulance transport. Non-members pay it themselves. With an Oregon ground membership, members do not receive a bill for emergency ground medical transports. It’s that simple.

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    Peace of Mind

    Knowing you and your loved ones are covered should a medical emergency arise. Transportation is covered throughout most of Oregon.

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    Community Support

    Your ground ambulance membership dues will go directly to your local EMS agency. Your support through membership will impact and strengthen our community response service, while also helping to offset the daily operational costs.

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    Financial Stability

    For one low annual rate and no further out-of-pocket expenses; you can eliminate the worry associated with the unexpected costs of medical transport.

Membership Options

The options below are based on your home address. If you have questions about which location services your area, please give us a call. 855-781-0935

Ground Ambulance Membership Options

Crescent RFPD 1-Year Ground $58 2-Year Ground $116 Lifetime $1000
Bend Fire Dept. 1-Year Ground $50 2-Year Ground $100 Lifetime $1000
Blue Mt. Amb. 1-Year Ground $50 2-Year Ground $100 Lifetime $1000
Chemult RFPD 1-Year Ground $50 2-Year Ground $100 Lifetime $1000
Crook Co. Fire 1-Year Ground $50 2-Year Ground $100 Lifetime $1000
Harney Dist. EMS 1-Year Ground $50 2-Year Ground $100 Lifetime $1000
Rocky Point Fire 1-Year Ground $58 2-Year Ground $116
Klamath County Fire District 1 1-Year Ground $58 2-Year Ground $100
Paramed Lifecare 1-Year Ground $60 3-Year Ground $170

Ground ambulance membership provides valuable coverage for everyone

  • Great for people of all ages
  • Membership covers you and your entire household
  • All medically necessary emergency ground transports are covered
  • You qualify, even if you don’t have health insurance
  • Expansive coverage area throughout the state

What to do in case of emergency