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Kellie Kennedy

Membership Sales Manager

Phone: (760) 218-0802


MSM Number: 14027

My name is Kellie Kennedy. I joined AirMedCare Network in 2017 as the Membership Sales Manager, Riverside County, California. With an emphasis on the new air base REACH 27 located at the French Valley Airport. The base at French Valley Airport is serviced with a light twin engine EC135 Helicopter. Rear loading, capable of transporting 2 patients (although not standard practice). Travel range for the EC135 is 620.00 Kilometer 335 nautical miles. REACH Air Medical Services is your local air ambulance operator. AirMedCare Network is the largest membership network in the U.S. with an alliance of affiliated air operators throughout the U.S. & internationally. AirMedCare Network currently has 320 bases in 38 states.

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You never know when a medical emergency will arise. But when it does, time and access to world-class patient care can mean everything. That’s why an AirMedCare Network membership is so important. If you or your family have a medical emergency, our alliance of affiliated air ambulance helicopters and airplanes provide medical transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency treatment facility.

Becoming an AirMedCare Network member is a good way to support the health care needs of you, your family and your local community. Our membership base – the largest of its kind in the United States – helps us operate in areas where having a quick response to critical medical situations can save lives.

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